How To Have A Healthy Body And Mind

How to have a healthy body and mind

This morning and evening, I presented my workshop,
“Mind Body Strategies to Create Greater Success in
Your Sport, Workout, Life.”

I enjoyed seeing how many folks are interested in learning
how to apply mind body awareness to their sport, workout, and life.

We tend to compartmentalize everything which makes it all
so much more […]

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To Plan Or Not To Plan

To Plan Or Not To Plan

I like to wander….but not always and not always aimlessly.

I’m sitting here, wondering how much control I should take
of THIS situation.

Inertia seems to have set in.
We each sit, lost in our thoughts or activities—
reading, texting, writing—

when we HAD agreed (yesterday)
to be up and about by 9 a.m..

It’s now 9:44.
And […]

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The Best Seat In The House

The best seat in the house?

Being a Mom gives me the best view, the best seat,
the inside line…

This week, many of us Moms are sending our children off to college,
some for the first time. I wrote this today,
thinking of a dear friend who is struggling particularly hard
with the transition and all the […]

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We Do The Best We Know How

We do the best we know how….

All too often, we judge ourselves–and others–
by impossible, ridiculous standards.

What we forget, in all our judging,
is that we’re human.

We forget that we trip over our feet and our words
and our past and our dreams.

We forget that, as children,
we sought to please the adults in our life
and sometimes, those […]

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What Is Meant By Transparency?

What is meant by transparency?

Did you grow up hiding things under the rug?
By “things,” I mean feelings, events that became secrets—large and small
that became ENORMOUS because they were secret.

It’s impossible to guesstimate the toll that an unspoken fear
has on one’s future self, choices, family, friends, time…

Here’s a story:

A mother and daughter prepare for the […]

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Begin Again…

Begin Again.

Each moment gives us an opportunity to start over,
to start fresh, to begin…again.

I couldn’t tell you where all my old posts have gone.
And I could gnash my teeth over their loss.
I could also curse those who made them disappear.
(And, truth be told, I have spent some time doing just those things!)

But to what end?

The […]

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