Through My Eyes

Through My Eyes

Sometimes, things happen and we HAVE to pay attention
and we HAVE to laugh at ourselves!!!

And then we understand that they hold more meaning
than the event.

What happened today reminded me that we see things—
not only through our eyes but also through the veil
of our mind, our experience, our current emotional state,
our current thoughts….

And so […]

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Begin The Day

Do you feel this way–
Before you even open your eyes in the morning, some mornings,
maybe many mornings, you feel it creeping its way into your skin,
your muscles, your bones, your mind, your eyes, your throat.

It’s that ANXIETY monster.

I’ve fought for years.
Then, yesterday morning,
THIS came to me:

Begin The Day.

Stomach churning,
nerves lit up,
inner limbs aquiver,
muscles knotting,
throat closing.

My […]

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