EveryDay Prayers® Brilliant Beautiful Blond

Witty and charming.

I see her on book covers
and in interviews
and the light in me dims
to blackness,
to my darkness that plagues me,
has shadowed me since my childhood
of hearing tales of those who have (them)
versus those who have not (us),
tales of needing to be better than or
ending up as less than.
Competition for affection,
for attention,
for love
defined my childhood […]

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EveryDay Ways® to Make Space In You For You #1

EveryDay Ways® to Make Space In You For You.

The ancient Chinese and Indian arts, respectively, of Feng Shui and Vashtu
teach us how to arrange our furniture and
accessories to maximize the flow of energy
through our homes and offices
so that we enjoy happy, productive, successful lives.

We can also, of course, change our mindsets
and change our attitudes
so that […]

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Could You Be A Switch Hitter?

Could You Be A Switch Hitter?

Growing up, I was a HUGE baseball fan—
Kept score at home, knew the lineups backwards and forwards, etc.

In baseball, a switch hitter is one who can hit from both sides of the plate,
left handed or right handed. They know their strengths
against right or left handed pitchers.

They read the defense positions […]

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