Chanting From The Heart

Chanting From The Heart

Christmas is in a few days.
I want to share this chant with you because
it’s one of my favorites.

My heart is one with yours!

Atma Hrdaye
Hrdayam mayi
Aham amrte
Amrtam brahmani

Here’s the video I made so that you could
chant with me.

I hope you will!!!

One of the more traditional translations is this:

My true nature is the heart. […]

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Practice Fearlessness!

Practicing Fearlessness!

A few weeks ago, life began unraveling…in my head.
I started feeling afraid and doubtful about things.
My first thought was to hide under a rock
and then I remembered a hand gesture
(not that one!)
to remedy my dread.

The hand gesture I remembered is a mudra.
What’s a mudra?

An intentional placement of the hands and fingers
to evoke or reflect […]

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