Are you ready to see…?

Are you ready to see…?

We are often VERY reluctant to look at ourselves in the mirror.

We frequently don’t like what we see. We generally are quite critical of what we see.

Sometimes, when I teach yoga, I invite my students to face the mirrors so that they can see themselves.

People are unhappy when we do […]

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Many Moons

I seem to have lost my rhythm of Tuesday’s Grace.

Grief does this to us—takes us out of life, perhaps just SO that our focus can be grieving and healing.

And so we need to seek help in this healing, help from outside sources which, of course, become inside sources when we integrate what we’re receiving.

Take the […]

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I miss her most

I Miss Her Most….

Two weeks ago today, I posted about where I find refuge.

If you missed it, you can read it here.

I wrote that one of my most cherished refuges was my beautiful Golden Retriever Hera.

That morning, subzero temperatures in Chicago forced closure of a good many businesses and schools, including the yoga studio where […]

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