What is a Sacred Pause?

In our busy, hectic, crazy lives, do we stop for a moment?
look around? take a breath? stop what we’re doing and give our
attention to the sky? a hug? the child in front of us?

It’s important to remember this:

At any moment in our super-charged life,
we can choose to pause…

to take a deep breath in and a deeper breath out;
to smile at our son/daughter/grandchild/spouse/friend/customer;
to watch the sun set and/or the moon rise,
the clouds gather or part;

We may pause to embrace and rest in this embrace of a cherished
friend or our dog.

This pause
is sacred to our soul,
to our heart of hearts,
to our Being.

This pause opens a window 
to our truest self,
lets us breathe and be present
in this moment.

This sacred pause
allows us to more fully engage
with our life,
with those we love,
with those we meet…

with beauty and grace and peace.

It allows us to tap into
our joy, our intelligence, our creativity,
our organization.

It helps us focus and center.

Whether your pause is 10 seconds,
10 minutes, 30 minutes…
it is a retreat from the hectic pace.
It is a retreat into yourself.

Giving yourself this retreat
now and then,
here and there
throughout your day
is, indeed, a gift to you….
and to all around you.
This moment of stillness makes sacred space 
in you
for you.

Join me as I sit in stillness
in a Sacred Pause
on Thursday mornings between 10:45 and 11:15.

If you can’t be with me in person 
at Tranquil Soul Yoga Studio,
be with me in spirit.

Stop what you’re doing.
Take a deep breath in…
and a deeper breath out.

Place a smile behind your eyes,
behind your lips,
behind your heart…

And receive the softness that moves into your Being.

YOU are sacred.



P.S. Wherever you are in the world,
I’ll be holding you in my heart and mind.

P.P.S. If you’re able to join me at Tranquil Soul Yoga Studio, 
20280 S. La Grange Road in Frankfort, 
prepare to enter quietly between 10:45 and 11:15
each Thursday morning. 

P.P.S.S.  If you'd like to use my prayer poems to guide your
sitting in stillness, you can find them her