After the Angels have moved on?
Angels don’t move on.
Angels are present with us–bidden and unbidden–
everywhere we stand, sit, move, walk, run, drive to.

This is challenging for us to grasp
since we’re linear thinkers most of the time
and we don’t necessarily trust the notion
that a Presence would remain with us at all times.

But they do.

Even when we think they’ve moved on and left us alone.
They may not be doing exactly what we would have them do,
but they remain close by.

But this isn’t meant to be about angels
so much as it is about our thoughts and how we manage them.

How we FIGHT with them some days.
How we climb over and around the rocky thoughts
so that we may keep laser focus on the beautiful thoughts,
the kind thoughts, the loving thoughts.

Recently, I drove from Nashville back to Chicago.
It’s winter so it got dark soon after I started out.
And I chose the road that turned out to be darker and lonelier
than the other.

I had to persist in turning my thoughts back to the light.
And I asked the angels for help.

I had never done that before, asked for help in guiding my thoughts.
Silly, isn’t it?
I ask for the angels’ blessings on my sons when they drive,
on my husband’s travels, on my journeys…
But this was the first time I’d asked for help in my THINKING.

We could all use a little help in our thinking
because our tendency is to skid to a stop and fall into
the thoughts of fears and hardship and hurt feelings.

Mike Dooley (of TUT fame) has all kinds of audios and videos out and about
that inspire us to understand that our thoughts become things…and not just
the good thoughts, but the other thoughts as well.

Here’s an audio of a 30-minute talk that he gave a few years ago.
Click here to listen.

Set aside some time for yourself to listen.
And never hesitate to ask the angels for help.

The angels have not moved on.
They’re right here with us!

Many Blessings of move love, laughter, and joy as we head into 2016.