Are you ready to see…?

We are often VERY reluctant to look at ourselves in the mirror.

We frequently don’t like what we see. We generally are quite critical of what we see.

Sometimes, when I teach yoga, I invite my students to face the mirrors so that they can see themselves.

People are unhappy when we do this.



Oh why?

Is it because we so loathe ourselves? Is it because we don’t want to be accused of vanity? or that we see ourselves with such disdain-filled eyes that we can’t bear the sight of ourself?

Is it because we’re not ready to see ourselves with loving eyes and so we AVOID looking at ourselves, except for maybe sneaking a peek now and then?

Do we know this secret:

That until and unless we can see ourselves clearly, without criticizing, judging, or in any other way demeaning or diminishing ourself; 

Until we can see ourselves with loving eyes and look really look at what we do, what we say, how we say things,


We can’t change how we stand, how we sit, how we speak, how we move, how we behave, how we misbehave (wink wink).

In short, without awareness of what we do, we can change nothing….because without awareness, we can’t/don’t KNOW what there is to change (if anything).

Accepting and celebrating who we are (the good, the bad, the ugly, the average, the brilliant, the amazing, the sad, the clumsy, the graceful…. etc etc etc), means that we must SEE ourself as we truly are.

I learned a lot about how I did things by watching my children imitate me.

It was maddening at times. I wanted to hide in shame at other times.  Did I REALLY say things like this?

Yes, I did.  Kids are amazing imitators.

They taught me to pay closer attention to how and what I said and acted. So that my words and tones of voice and actions better reflected how I wanted to be.

The key, though, is to see with loving eyes.

Because we don’t need any more critics. Or criticizing. Instead, we need to love.

Instead of judging, we need to simply see.

If we don’t like what we see, we can change it more readily WITHOUT the judging.

And, let’s think about this:

We’re so used to criticizing, especially ourself, that it may take some getting used to to see ourself as pretty ok.

pretty wonderful.

Just as we are.

It may take some getting used to–to acknowledge what we like about ourself

AS WELL AS what we don’t like (We’re REALLY skilled at knowing what we DO NOT like!)

Are you ready to do this?

It takes practice, of course!

And it takes time.

But mostly, it takes the desire and the intention.

And a recognition that we’ll go in and out of our ability to do so.

And a quick loving glance in a mirror reminds us that we’re worth the work it takes to feel accepting, celebrating, loving.

Consider the words of Macrina Wiedekehr who wrote:

“Oh! God, let me see the truth about myself….

…no matter how beautiful it is!”

Blessings Always,