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EveryDay Meditation Tool: Into The Woods

What IS meditation anyway?
And what ARE meditation tools?
And what do I mean by EveryDay?

I’m no longer a purist.
I learned from the Dalai Lama that we can find/make a meditative
moment from anything and everything in our life.

He talks about sitting in airports between planes
and absorbing himself in watching people while he waits.
I’m talking about making space […]

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See What You Believe

See What You Believe

I’ve been working really hard to find the words
to describe how I feel about
this current world, today’s election,
all the attendant fear-mongering,
and what I intend to do with it.

I’m so grateful that I’m able to get to the woods
because they truly do inspire me.

As I purposefully deepened and lengthened my breath
walking up the […]

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Several years ago, I brought home a really pretty carpet for our foyer.
I laid it on the floor in front of the church pew that my husband had
collected years before then from a church where he had been a choir boy.
They were knocking down the church.

Our beautiful Golden Retriever barked and barked and barked
and pulled […]

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EveryDay Prayers® Brilliant Beautiful Blond

Witty and charming.

I see her on book covers
and in interviews
and the light in me dims
to blackness,
to my darkness that plagues me,
has shadowed me since my childhood
of hearing tales of those who have (them)
versus those who have not (us),
tales of needing to be better than or
ending up as less than.
Competition for affection,
for attention,
for love
defined my childhood […]

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EveryDay Ways® to Make Space In You For You #1

EveryDay Ways® to Make Space In You For You.

The ancient Chinese and Indian arts, respectively, of Feng Shui and Vashtu
teach us how to arrange our furniture and
accessories to maximize the flow of energy
through our homes and offices
so that we enjoy happy, productive, successful lives.

We can also, of course, change our mindsets
and change our attitudes
so that […]

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Could You Be A Switch Hitter?

Could You Be A Switch Hitter?

Growing up, I was a HUGE baseball fan—
Kept score at home, knew the lineups backwards and forwards, etc.

In baseball, a switch hitter is one who can hit from both sides of the plate,
left handed or right handed. They know their strengths
against right or left handed pitchers.

They read the defense positions […]

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Dancing On The Edge

Dancing on the Edge…Standing on the shore of ourself.

I find that, all too often,
discussions, conversations disintegrate into
a mishmash of emotion.

Have you found this to be true, too?

We’re so intent on being right, having people agree with us,
having our feelings reinforced…

We become emotional…
In and of itself that’s not a bad thing.

The trouble stems from this:

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What If…?

What if…?

Do you worry about all the bad things that might happen?
when you’re driving to the airport?
when you’re studying for an exam?
when you’re planning an event?
when your kids are driving?
when your kids are playing?
when your partner is away?

Why do we do this to ourselves?

It has been written over and over again
that the Universe gives us […]

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Slowly I Turn

Slowly I turn.
Step by step.
Inch by inch.

Whether you’re 10 or 20 or 75,
you know what it’s like to want to do something.

And feel intimidated by and sad about your “lack of success.”

I was thinking about that today and made a video
about how each time we devote ourselves to doing that thing—
whatever it is for you—

we […]

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Changing Places

Changing Places?

Yep!  Changing Places.

This morning, I woke up unfocused and unfocus-able.
Does that ever happen to you?
After many moments of bearing down and working at MAKING myself write,
I had a thought….

And here’s that thought…

When we change places, we change places!

When we physically move ourselves to a different location,
our mind, our heart, our being, ourself….


And we’re able […]

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