Begin Again.

Each moment gives us an opportunity to start over,
to start fresh, to begin…again.

I couldn’t tell you where all my old posts have gone.
And I could gnash my teeth over their loss.
I could also curse those who made them disappear.
(And, truth be told, I have spent some time doing just those things!)

But to what end?

The philosopher in me shrugs and says,
“I’m meant to start fresh. I’m in a different place.

I’ll just….begin again.”

We’re meant to find grace through gratitude..
gratitude for ALL not just the pretty things
or the cool things
or the sweetness…
but for ALL!

Here’s to a new leg of the journey.
Cheers to a renewal of spirit and joy.
Celebrate with me…whatever happens.

All that we do, let’s do it with joy.

Many blessings to you.

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