Several years ago, I brought home a really pretty carpet for our foyer.
I laid it on the floor in front of the church pew that my husband had
collected years before then from a church where he had been a choir boy.
They were knocking down the church.

Our beautiful Golden Retriever barked and barked and barked
and pulled the carpet away from where I’d put it. Again. And again.

I think she would have carried it outside if I’d let her.

You see, I replaced a carpet that had been there from the time she’d
joined our family. She was not happy. She did NOT like the change.

How many of us do?

I can think of any number of times in my life when
I resisted change and tripped up because of my resistance,
not so much because of the change itself.

We are creatures of habits, we dogs and people.

and I was reminded of how GREAT changes can be when we
at least sort of embrace them. I was out walking in the prairie…
instead of the woods… and remembered a conversation that I’d had
with a friend a few years back.

It made me chuckle.

You can watch it here!

What is a really important lesson that YOU’ve learned in life?
and where and from whom?

Write me and let me know.

And here’s a question for you:
Which would you want to read first—
a second book of my prayer poems OR
a book of EveryDay Ways that you can make space for yourself in your life?

I’m asking because I want to know!
I’m deciding which to enter in the writers workshop competition
and I value what you have to say!

Let me know!



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