Could You Be A Switch Hitter?

Growing up, I was a HUGE baseball fan—
Kept score at home, knew the lineups backwards and forwards, etc.

In baseball, a switch hitter is one who can hit from both sides of the plate,
left handed or right handed. They know their strengths
against right or left handed pitchers.

They read the defense positions and they know the strengths
of the opposing pitchers—how fast, how hard, to which corners of the plate,
etc etc.

In other words,
they see the world as it IS and they respond.

With flexibility.

For many years, I rigidly insisted on what I had heard and read
to be the ONLY way to find or create quiet space and time for ourselves.
I had ONE space in my home.
And if anything interfered with it,
I got very crabby.
I was such a purist about
Oh…just about everything!

I made a video of how I got to be more flexible,
a switch hitter,
and found a little more calmness.

Hope you find something helpful.
Please let me know.

Blessings always,