What IS meditation anyway?
And what ARE meditation tools?
And what do I mean by EveryDay?

I’m no longer a purist.
I learned from the Dalai Lama that we can find/make a meditative
moment from anything and everything in our life.

He talks about sitting in airports between planes
and absorbing himself in watching people while he waits.
I’m talking about making space in the things we do every day
to work on creating stillness, peace, calm.

EveryDay Meditations
Washing dishes. Washing vegetables.
Setting the table. Sweeping the floor.
Pouring water. Pouring coffee.
Doing a yoga pose while waiting for that coffee.
Going outside to stand in the light of the full moon.

We can make each one a moment of meditation.

The EFFORT we make to quiet the mind
is what causes the shifts to happen in our awareness.

And it becomes a little bit easier
(I won’t lie. It’s a challenge for me!)
to refocus my attention from my crazy mixed-up,
can’t-stop-thinking mind
on where I am RIGHT NOW.

THIS is meditation—being present
in where we are and with whom we are…

I’ve been going to the woods almost daily for the last few months
and today, it struck me that I notice something different each time—
a bend in a branch that I’ve passed countless times, the way the path
is framed in a couple of different places by pairs of trees. The water,
of course, flows differently each moment so it sounds different each time
I listen.

I made a video today of the woods.
You’ll hear me. It seems a bit weird to hear this disembodied voice,
but it’s me!

And when I watched when I got home,
I realized that I was feeling way out there today.
I hesitated to share the video with you,
but as part of my mission to live out loud,
to be vulnerable in baring myself so that
I inspire YOU to exercise YOUR courage to
explore, I decided to share.

I hope you see the beauty IN you
so that you may see the beauty AROUND you.



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