EveryDay Ways® to Make Space In You For You.

The ancient Chinese and Indian arts, respectively, of Feng Shui and Vashtu
teach us how to arrange our furniture and
accessories to maximize the flow of energy
through our homes and offices
so that we enjoy happy, productive, successful lives.

We can also, of course, change our mindsets
and change our attitudes
so that we’re working from the inside out at the same
time that we’re rearranging our physical spaces.

And all of it contributes to peace, joy, and happiness.

I discovered a few years back
some other things we could do as well,
things that tend to be part of our everyday lives
and that, with a little tweaking,
could make a huge difference in how we feel,
how we live, how we interact with the world.

Combining our awareness of our physical space,
our mental space, AND our interactions with ourself
and others creates for me
another important outlet for being more at ease
with ourself in our life
and, therefore, more at ease with the world
around us.

A few years back,
I created a workshop and then a retreat,
with this as the foundation.

Over the next few months,
I’ll share several of what I now call my EveryDay Ways®
to Make Space In You For You.

They’re simple and straightforward.
They are part of things you do everyday anyway,
but you shift just a smidgeon to create
that INNER shift which has an impact on the outside as well.

It’s all one and it all counts.
Mind, body, spirit are inseparable.
What we do to or for one,
we do to or for the others.

I made this video about just ONE
of the Everyday Ways® that empower you
to change how you experience yourself and the world.
Others will follow.
And, God willing and with the Angels’ help,
I’ll have the book out sometime in the next year
so that you’ll have it as a great reference
and inspiration to discover and create your OWN
EveryDay Ways®.

These EveryDay Ways®
may not be EASY at the very beginning
which is why I advocate doing one at a time for
at least a week.
As you integrate them into YOUR EveryDay Ways®,
and you’re more aware,
it becomes easier and you might find yourself adding one
more quickly after another.

They become an anchor so that when you’re not doing them,
you THINK of them
and do them.

It’s a WONDERFUL cycle
to lift you up,
to help you breathe and be.

Try it!

And please, let me know which ones work best for you
and what you notice after several months.

I invite you to share
all of this with people you care about.



Visit me on Facebook and let me know how you feel
after you do this for several days!

Remember, you can still get the first edition of my book
EveryDay Prayers I: Wrapping My Fears in Wonder.
It makes a great gift for someone you love.