I believe you know this feeling.

Let me know if I’m on target or not:

My to-do list just got longer as I realize that I want and need to buy a welcome gift for a baby born over a month ago.  I’ve been meaning to….and I keep forgetting;

I added a responsibility to my already-full schedule because it’s something I love, but I haven’t let go of anything else.

I accepted an invitation to a class that I started a year ago, but couldn’t follow through on because I was feeling overwhelmed.  Is it any different now?

Christmas is coming.  Enough said.  Is your tree up?

My mother needs me.  My sons need me.  My husband needs me.  My friends need me.  My team needs me.

And it goes on…


and on…


…and on…


My stomach ties in knots.

I feel my hands and jaw clenching, my shoulders moving up toward my ears, and my throat closing.


And it’s only 7 a.m.


Are you with me?

In each yoga class I teach, somewhere I mention that the yoga poses make space in the body for the breath and that this helps us learn to make space in our life for our self.


In each meditation session I lead, I encourage people to sit in quiet for even 5 minutes each day and to repeat a couple of times: “I have all the time in the world.”


And I remind everyone around me of Thich Nhat Han’s words:  “We’re here to take care of each other; to do so, we must first take care of our self.”


Uh huh….


And am I following my own advice?


(I’m shaking my head slowly and sadly.)


So this blog is serving as a reminder to me to NOT follow a piece of my Dad’s advice.  He said, “Do what I say and not what I do.”


(This, of course, shows how conscious he was of his own not-doings and of what he wanted us to do differently.)


“Do what I say and not what I do.” I want to NOT follow this advice in that I need to DO what I share with my students, friends, colleagues.


I need to be following my own advice.


So here is my revised intention for today:


I intend to feel ease-filled; that I have all the time in the world.

I intend and GET TO do: breathe and be (I’ll do a restorative yoga pose to help me with this one.  There’s nothing like a supported supta baddha konasana to realllllly relax me.); enjoy time with a friend, practice here and now; practice loving kindness to myself.

I intend to let God and the Angels take care of everything else.


My dishes will not run away.

The dog’s fur will continue to glop together in the corners.

The Christmas tree will be beautiful whenEVER I put it up.


And I already feel softer and less as though I’m going to ex- or implode at any moment.


I already feel like I hope my students feel when I remind them to give themselves permission to breathe and be.






Blessings on this beautiful Tuesday.

Enjoy Tuesday’s Grace.


~ Paula


p.s.  Make some time for yourself on Sunday December 16 when my friend Bill and I will offer a restorative yoga practice (EVERYONE can do this.  Literally.) accompanied by a gong.  It will be a sublime way of making time for YOU to help you enjoy your holiday season.  Register here:  www.tranquilsoulstudio.com