How to have a healthy body and mind

This morning and evening, I presented my workshop,
“Mind Body Strategies to Create Greater Success in
Your Sport, Workout, Life.”

I enjoyed seeing how many folks are interested in learning
how to apply mind body awareness to their sport, workout, and life.

We tend to compartmentalize everything which makes it all
so much more difficult than it needs to be!

What does it take to have a healthy body and mind?

Ayurveda (the sister science of yoga; the ancient Indian
approach to health and well-being) believes that the
mind, body, and spirit are inseparable. What you do to
or for one, you do to or for the others.

The first step to having a healthy body and mind
is to accept that they really are one and the same.
When we accept that,
we’re on the road to being able to use them in support
of one another instead of seeing each with a separate lens.
That separation is a construct of our western mind.

It’s so challenging for us to appreciate that these
two things can be true at the same time,
function with each other instead of against.

The ancient Greeks worshipped their athletes.
WE think they revered them because they were
the best discus thrower or the fastest runner.
The real reason the ancient Greeks worshipped their athletes?

The athletes had figured out how to tap into the healthy body
and mind connection
and to use that connection to transcend the usual human experience.
The ancient Greeks understood that their purpose as a human being
was to transcend our human limitations by trusting the mind-body.
Their athletes were a source of inspiration.


What does that have to do with us today?

When we tap into the mind-body connection,
we’re able to move beyond where we are today.
We’re able to create greater success in all that we do—
in sport, in our workout, in our life.

Click on this link to get the list from my presentation
of mind-body strategies that help create greater success
in your sport, workout, and life. This list helps YOU tap into
the healthy body and mind by connecting the two.
It helps YOU enjoy the same mind-body union as
the ancient Greek athletes!

Mind and body ARE connected,
whether we want to acknowledge it or not.
More and more research supports what the ancients
understood millennia ago:
When we get out of the way of our mind-body working
together, we enjoy greater health in all aspects of life.

Honor YOUR mind-body.
Choose an item off the list to practice for 30 days.
Then continue practicing that item
and add another. If you add one each month,
by the end of the year,
you’ll have twelve habits to nourish your healthy body and mind.

You’re worth the work!

All that you do? Do it…with joy!

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