I can see clearly now.

Back in November, my friend and mentor Jacqueline Gates (aka the goddess known as Jacqui)  had exhorted all of us in The Parlour to clean all the mirrors and glass surfaces in our homes so that we could enjoy clearer vision headed into the New Year. I believe it had something to do with the Moon being in Scorpio.

I faithfully did mirrors, picture frames, table tops, but did only a cursory cleaning of the one mirror that has plagued me ever since my sons—when little boys—decorated my mirror with their favorite stickers. I was touched by their care and left them there…oh, too long.

Now, each time I clean this particular mirror, the little nurbles (which I believe are from the glue) persist and, most of the time, I tell myself, “I’ll get it when I have more time.” Hah.

We all know when that happens.

But yesterday, as I was replacing dead lightbulbs around the house in preparation for the New Year,
I came face to face with this mirror—the mirror I look into when I brush my teeth, when I do my eye brows, when I….it’s mine.

Jacqui talks about making our “chores” into rituals.
And I’ve begun intending to do one nice thing each day for my home.

So my mirror became the metaphor for my intention for 2016 of seeing my purpose more clearly. Of illuminating.

I Can See Clearly Now

I Can See Clearly Now

I wrote this in my journal to begin 2016.

2016. Illuminate. See clearly: I as I am. Them as they are. Us as we are. Things as they are. The past. The present. The future as I intend to create it.


How could I see my purpose when I have glue-y nurbles on my mirror?

I began at the top so that I could see clearly into the stars where I’m aiming.
As I grew tired of scraping my thumbnail against the surface of the mirror (no other fingernail worked!), I began making rationalizations and excuses…

As long as I can see clearly into the stars, I have a chance, right?
The ones, the nurbles, right in my face (my present) I’ll look around and past.
I can do that, right?!

NO! Do them ALL!

And when I can see clearly in the present,
I’ll be better able to see clearly into the stars.

What about the ones near the bottom, the really stubborn ones?
My past, my friends.
All the sticky, gummy, gooey memories and scars of hurts and misunderstandings and mean-nesses suffered (and committed). If I don’t let them go, how will I be able to see clearly who I was? where I came from? who I am now?

And who I intend to be?

So I scraped. And I scraped and I spritzed and I scraped.

The nurbles are gone now.
The bottom, center, and top of the glass are
clear and clean.

The past, the present, the future.

2016. Illuminate. See all as it was, is, will be.

I can see clearly now.

Happy 2016!

All that you do…do it with JOY!


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