Margaret Mead, renowned anthropologist, wrote, “What people say, what people do and what people say they do are often very different things.”

My Dad, in his keen self-awareness used to tell us, “Do as I say and not as I do.”

Eknath Easwaren wrote a book that he titled, “Your Life Is Your Message.”

Children are amazing observers (and repeaters) of behavior and, when we observe THEM imitating US, we can learn a great deal about how we actually behave.  We can learn to stop fooling ourselves into believing that we do what we say we do.  We do not.  My children have imitated me in some ways that I’m not especially fond or proud of.  But I know they’re accurate. (Darn it!)

What I DO has a greater impact on people than what I say, especially when what I DO contradicts what I SAY.

When we practice yoga, we have an opportunity to practice paying attention.  We practice being aware.  Awareness, equanimity, centeredness, focus are our practice ON the mat so that OFF the mat, we may live a life that’s closer to what we believe and want.

Rudyard Kipling wrote in his poem, If, “If I can keep my head when all around are losing theirs…”

I do yoga, in part, to keep my head, my center, my intentions clear and squarely on practicing loving kindness, toward myself and others.  No matter what others are doing around me.

I practice when it’s easy (easier—is it ever easy?), so that in challenging moments, I have  experiences to draw on that allow me to apply this to the life situation I find myself in.

Let peace begin with me.  Let me take each moment and live each moment in peace.

Let me begin from within so that I may BE the peace that I want in this world (to paraphrase Gandhi, who paraphrased as well!).  Let me walk so that peace (as Thich Nhat Han wrote) is every step.

Let me begin from within so that I may BE a shining light that guides, inspires, influences other to be peace as well.

My intention is to do as I say I do and not as I’ve done.  Or do!

My intention is to make my life, my message consistent with what I aspire to, believe in, hope for.  

Let peace begin with me.

Blessings Always,