I seem to have lost my rhythm of Tuesday’s Grace.

Grief does this to us—takes us out of life, perhaps just SO that our focus can be grieving and healing.

And so we need to seek help in this healing, help from outside sources which, of course, become inside sources when we integrate what we’re receiving.

Take the moon, for example.

Every 28 days, we experience the moon’s cycles of waxing to full and waning to new.

“Moonies” (my term of endearment for friends who know about these things) tell us that as the moon grows into its fullness as we see it, we benefit from reflecting on what we would like to do or be or have more of the next month and by setting an intention for that or those ideas.  Many people set an intention or do their planning by the chronological dates on the calendar.  It seems more natural to me to follow the lunar cycle.;

(Full disclosure: I’ve begun and begun again repeatedly in my life time to do such intention-setting with the moon. I’ve enjoyed what could be considered mild success—sometimes, I do; sometimes, I don’t!)

And as the moon waxes, moving toward its darkness, we’re encouraged each cycle to reflect on and set the intention for what we’d like to let go of.

So, I’ve decided to embrace the rhythm of the moon as one of my guides to finding my rhythm again and to helping me heal.

While I’m renowned for my rather laissez-faire housekeeping habits (My younger son once wrote in a Mother’s Day poem that one of the things I hate is cleaning.), I’ve begun to better appreciate the relationship I have with my home and I intend to use this also as one of my healing sources.  My friend and mentor Jacqueline Gates writes regularly on her blog (http://www.jacqueline-gates.com) and on Facebook on how we can use our home to help us heal, grown, manifest what we intend.

The other day, she suggested that sweeping the kitchen floor and saying to one’s self: “My path is clear; I can see my next steps…..” helps us clarify for ourself what it is we desire and to know it when we see it.

A light bulb exploded in my own head. I’ve been sweeping daily since and repeating the words to myself, “My path is clear; I can see my next steps.”

I’ve also long long LONG believed that when we engage our body in an activity, we enhance our mind/body’s ability to remember, to create, to integrate all it is that we seek.

This is why and how writing by hand can be more powerful than typing or dictating. (You can read more here.)

Long ago and far away in my teens and early 20’s, I used to write out over and over and over (and over!) my lines in a play, a dialogue or presentation I was to participate in…

Anything I needed to rehearse, I wrote. I actually still do this.

It helps me integrate my thoughts into me.  It makes muscle memory. I feel more centered, more capable. I remember better.,

And so I write.  Every day.  I write my intentions for the day.  I write what I’m grateful for every night.  I write prayer poems.  I write essays.  I write my thoughts and feelings and observations and opinions.  And I write. 

Our healing comes from as many sources as we choose to use.

My intention to heal, repeated daily and throughout my day is the first step.

Other things (following the moon’s cycles, interacting with my home and using affirmations or intentions as I do so, physically writing healing thoughts and intentions, following and reading people and articles that inspire me) enhance and expand my healing.

Intention gives direction to my awareness.

Daily acknowledging my need to use my spoons (i.e. my energy. Read Christine Miserandino’s story) for healing leads me to practice daily restorative yoga instead of powering through a more active practice that right now depletes rather than energizes me.

The slower you move, the faster you heal applies to our emotional and spiritual state as well as our physical recovery.

It’s a daily journey—moment by moment—of effort and energy.

And you are worth the work, my Friend!