How do you calm yourself? center yourself? de-anxiefy yourself?
(This isn’t a word, but it fits, doesn’t it?)

For several years, I’ve used the phrase, “Breathing In; Breathing Out”
to help me reconnect to the present moment when I was feeling
like I was spinning out of control, stressing, over-thinking,
over-feeling, over-reacting.

When I had a pit in my stomach, when my throat and chest felt constricted,
when I needed room to breathe and be, I would repeat over and over and OVER,
“Breathing in; Breathing out” and I would feel softer.
My deepening breath would relax the muscles in my jaw, my throat, across my shoulders.

Why do I have a new mantra?

A mantra is a word or phrase that pulls you back to the
moment when your mind takes you away into nervousness or
stress or reliving a difficult event or conversation or moment..over and over.
It could be anything—a prayer, a poem, OM, a phrase, a word that grounds you,
helps you remember that you want to stay centered and
helps you get back to that center.

It helps you make space in you for you.

Tight, tense muscles take you away from you.
They take up space in your energy, in your thinking,
in your heart, in your life that you would probably want to give
to something more pleasant, more constructive, more loving.
When you soften, when you relax, you make more space for you.
You’re able to direct your energy to what you love rather than using it
to fight off memories or feelings that no longer serve you.
When you’re at ease, your mind/body/spirit functions as one and
you’re able to be your truest, highest self.

In the last few years, I’ve made gratitude a prominent theme in my life.

My Dad, who passed at age 98 not so long ago, began at age 70
to say each day, “I’m grateful every morning that I wake up.”
Meister Eckhardt wrote, “If ‘thank you’ is the only prayer you ever say,
that is enough.” Wayne Dyer used to wake up and before his feet hit the floor,
he said, “Thank you.”

So I made, “Thank you” my new mantra.
Two little words with HUGE impact.

Even before saying the words, the FEELING of gratitude takes me away
from my anxiety and allows me to breathe more deeply and evenly.
The FEELING of gratitude frees me to move with greater ease.
And, as Deepak Chopra says, when we express gratitude by saying,
“Thank you,” we begin the dialogue with Grace.

I love the feeling of softening that moves over and through me
when I settle into the feelings of gratitude and say, “Thank you.”
In my head or out loud, my new mantra brings me a sense of expanding my heart
and everything about it.

YOUR inner space would love the feeling of expansiveness, of freedom that
comes with giving yourself a moment of gratitude and saying, “thank you.”
Try it.

Let me know how it works for you—- remembering when something stirs up anxiety
or upset, to say inside your head and heart, “Thank you.”
Where do YOU feel relief?

I hope it helps you as much as it’s helping me.

All the you do…do it with JOY!



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