What If…?

What if…?

Do you worry about all the bad things that might happen?
when you’re driving to the airport?
when you’re studying for an exam?
when you’re planning an event?
when your kids are driving?
when your kids are playing?
when your partner is away?

Why do we do this to ourselves?

It has been written over and over again
that the Universe gives us […]

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Slowly I Turn

Slowly I turn.
Step by step.
Inch by inch.

Whether you’re 10 or 20 or 75,
you know what it’s like to want to do something.

And feel intimidated by and sad about your “lack of success.”

I was thinking about that today and made a video
about how each time we devote ourselves to doing that thing—
whatever it is for you—

we […]

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Changing Places

Changing Places?

Yep!  Changing Places.

This morning, I woke up unfocused and unfocus-able.
Does that ever happen to you?
After many moments of bearing down and working at MAKING myself write,
I had a thought….

And here’s that thought…

When we change places, we change places!

When we physically move ourselves to a different location,
our mind, our heart, our being, ourself….


And we’re able […]

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Through My Eyes

Through My Eyes

Sometimes, things happen and we HAVE to pay attention
and we HAVE to laugh at ourselves!!!

And then we understand that they hold more meaning
than the event.

What happened today reminded me that we see things—
not only through our eyes but also through the veil
of our mind, our experience, our current emotional state,
our current thoughts….

And so […]

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Begin The Day

Do you feel this way–
Before you even open your eyes in the morning, some mornings,
maybe many mornings, you feel it creeping its way into your skin,
your muscles, your bones, your mind, your eyes, your throat.

It’s that ANXIETY monster.

I’ve fought for years.
Then, yesterday morning,
THIS came to me:

Begin The Day.

Stomach churning,
nerves lit up,
inner limbs aquiver,
muscles knotting,
throat closing.

My […]

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My New Mantra


How do you calm yourself? center yourself? de-anxiefy yourself?
(This isn’t a word, but it fits, doesn’t it?)

For several years, I’ve used the phrase, “Breathing In; Breathing Out”
to help me reconnect to the present moment when I was feeling
like I was spinning out of control, stressing, over-thinking,
over-feeling, over-reacting.

When I had a pit in my […]

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It comes in waves.

Waves of awareness.
Waves of denial.
Waves of grief.
Waves of memories of laughing moments.
Waves of confusion.
Waves of recognition.
Waves of a growingly gaping hole.

Waves of wanting to fill that hole,
crowding out the sorrow.
Waves of pausing to let the sorrow in.
Waves for leaving that piece of my heart just for her,
not to be filled nor forgotten.
Waves […]

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Life’s Transitions

Ha!  Life’s transitions.  Has anyone looked at the word, life’s, as the contraction that it is?  Life IS transitions.

You bet life’s transitions!

In the last few months, I’ve moved my parents (age 98 and 94) into independent (yes, independent) senior living, BOTH my sons are now in college, the center where I’ve taught yoga and meditation […]

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What’s The Story?

What’s the story you’ve been telling yourself?

This was Mike Dooley’s assignment on Day 8 of the Infinite Possibilities Project.  At first, my response was same old, same old.  And then, my answer WHACKED me with such force that I had to write this to him, to ME:

#infinitepossibilitiesproject Day 8.

The layers of protection sloughed off […]

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I Can See Clearly Now

I can see clearly now.

Back in November, my friend and mentor Jacqueline Gates (aka the goddess known as Jacqui)  had exhorted all of us in The Parlour to clean all the mirrors and glass surfaces in our homes so that we could enjoy clearer vision headed into the New Year. I believe it had something to do […]

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