Practicing Fearlessness!

A few weeks ago, life began unraveling…in my head.
I started feeling afraid and doubtful about things.
My first thought was to hide under a rock
and then I remembered a hand gesture
(not that one!)
to remedy my dread.

The hand gesture I remembered is a mudra.
What’s a mudra?

An intentional placement of the hands and fingers
to evoke or reflect a state of being.
It was the fearlessness mudra
that came to mind.
I use it to help me act as if I’m fearless
when I’m cowering.

The mudra helps me get around and through the feelings
of dread.

Remember the song from The King and I?
“I whistle a happy tune
and no one will suspect I’m afraid?”

The idea behind the mudra as evoking a state of being
is that you align the muscles and the bones of the hand
so that the rest of you cultivates—in this case—
fearlessness. Sit and breathe and be
for a bit so that the effects
are felt throughout the mind/body/spirit.

It helps to remember that mind/body/spirit
are inseparable. What you do to or for one,
you do to or for the others.

Fear is felt throughout your being.
We can step around that fear by practicing fearlessness.
And the fearlessness mudra
is a great place to start.

It looks like this.

Fearlessness Mudra

Fearlessness Mudra

And here’s a video of how to form the fearlessness

If your hands are not able to create this gesture,
let it be ok to do what you can do.

We all do the best we know how. And your intention
behind your work is more important than actually
forming your hands to look like the photo.

Here’s to practicing fearlessness!
May we be blessed in our being.

Blessings always,