Replace “I have to” with “I get to”
and watch your world light up.

Who would think that one little word would have such an amazing impact
on your day?

Today, I sat down to set and write my intentions for the day.

I always start by saying, “Thank you, Lord…” for one blessing in particular
and all my blessings in general.

Followed by, “Today, I intend to feel…”
and I list the ways I want to feel today—
kind, loving, blessed, determined, prosperous, compassionate,
patient…etc. etc.

And this morning,
I got to the next one and started to write,
“Today, I intend to do…”
and I got distracted and instead wrote,
“Today, I have to…”

and as I wrote, it didn’t feel quite right
so I re-read and discovered the word that I had written
by mistake.

It made me remember hearing about a woman who turned her world
upside down and around
by using the phrase, “I get to…” instead of “I have to…”

I thought it worth the try!

Throughout the day (a rather challenging day!),
I caught myself thinking things like, “What do I have to do next?”
“Where do I have to go next?” “What time do I have to be my parents?”
“I have to walk the dog.”

And I decided to use “I get to” instead of I have to.
By the end of the afternoon of rephrasing my words
in my head and out loud to others,
I found myself smiling, looking forward to the chore
that I got to do next.
I started creating a list of things I’d get to do tomorrow.

my to-do list
became my get-to list
and my entire perspective shifted.
It was as though I reframed my life.

Instead of dreading taking my parents to their doctor visit,
I got to go with them to witness how awesome they are
and I got to enjoy lunch with them.

Instead of wincing because I was too tired to walk,
I got to take my beautiful golden retriever for a stroll in the woods
where the trees lifted my feet and my spirits.

When I was running late and had to
(cross that out) GOT TO
think of something quick to make for dinner,
I found myself pulling together ingredients for a really
delicious 5-ingredient dinner.

And we all enjoyed it.
Cuz we got to eat together that evening.

“I get to…”

It’s one word.

And it’s a word that changes the way the light hits
your eyes and your heart.
You begin to see and feel the gift that each moment is.
You begin to see and feel the gift that YOU are in each moment.

I get to read your responses to this blog when you write them below!
And I look forward to it like you wouldn’t believe.

All that you do?
Do it, with love.

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