Ayurveda (the ancient Indian art and science of health and well-being) believes that the mind, the body, the spirit are inseparable:  What we do for (or to) one, we do for (or to) the others.

And so it’s no surprise that science in recent years has discovered/confirmed that emotions manifest in the body.  By injecting dye and then evoking or stimulating emotions, scientists can see where in the body the electro-magnetic activity shows up.

Emotions of negativity, loss, regret, anger, resentment and others, show up and are held in the hip area.  Tightness and tension in the hips spreads to the lower back, knees, etc. because every body part is connected to the others in this miraculous web of a body we call home!

We humans are a tangle of emotions affecting our body affecting our health affecting our mindset affecting our perception affecting our emotions affecting….

And we don’t function in a straight line.  We’re in a constant state of back and forth, up and over, round and round.

Remembering all these connections and how one affects all, we can take a step of releasing the hold that this stress or negativity or grief has on our life.

By softening or releasing tension in our hip and buttock area, we release the death grip that our emotions have on our back, legs, knees, shoulders, neck, etc.

Because just like tension spreads, SOFTNESS SPREADS, TOO!

When we smile, we change our brain chemicals.  When we laugh, we release healing chemicals in the brain.  When we move, we release tension and set ourselves up for greater health, including stronger immunity.  All of these things have been studied and documented over the years.

We are amazing beings in this mind/body/spirt!

What are some ways to soften/relax the hips area and release the emotions that settle there, creating a cycle of tension?  What are some ways to break this cycle of tension and set us up for a cycle of healing?

One simple way is to sit in a chair with your knees as wide as you can get them.  This is especially helpful for people who spend a good amount of time in a wheelchair.  Just sitting for 5 or 10 or 15 minutes in a regular chair with knees open, perhaps wider than the seat of the chair if you can manage, helps let go of the stranglehold in that area of your body.

It helps to set your intention to let go.  It helps to practice being aware of your body/mind/spirit as you do this.  If something produces a sharp pain, back off or stop.

Sitting like this, even watching TV or talking with friends helps soften the hip area and helps you release those emotions that tend to settle there.  This posture helps your mind/body/spirit release emotions that no longer serve you.

As we let go of the negativity, the sadness, the resentment, the anger that settled/settles in our hip area, we’re increasingly better able to see the beauty and grace in ourselves and in the world around us.

It’s there in and for each of us.

This is one way to access it.

All that you do, do it with joy, do it with love.



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