The best seat in the house?

Being a Mom gives me the best view, the best seat,
the inside line…

This week, many of us Moms are sending our children off to college,
some for the first time. I wrote this today,
thinking of a dear friend who is struggling particularly hard
with the transition and all the fears that arise from it.

I dedicate this to ALL the moms who are struggling with this new reality!

I’m personally setting aside a day next week to cry my eyes out!

My thoughts on Motherhood:

If you care to hear my take on motherhood,
here it is (skip and/or delete if you’d rather not!):
we’re a different kind of mother depending on the phase
our son or daughter is in; depending on their personality and ours;
depending on life.

My friend Lauren (whose genius IQ son killed himself accidentally
a few years back by inhaling from an aerosol can)
used to say years before that happened that as moms,
we are blessed to have a ringside seat to watch our children’s lives unfold;
that they’re on loan to us in this lifetime
and that one of the most challenging things is
to see this as a gift and not as a penalty.

Those words have kept me going time and time again;
Have reminded me that I’m here as witness and
that I have never owned them and, at the same time,
have always owned them and they have owned me.

They are always ALWAYS in my heart
and I will always be in theirs.
For better or worse! Distance (and age– theirs and mine)
change the dynamic but never change the bond,
the link between us.
It’s so much more powerful than distance OR time.

But it does appear to change on the outside.

The inside is a different matter.
It’s an amazing and beautiful thing
that can be heartbreaking when we look only on the outside.
And when we see our sons becoming men, our daughters becoming women.

The fears that tug at us distort what’s really there
and keep us from seeing and knowing how tightly woven
is the mother/child connection. I pray that letting them go
allows THEM to see this beautiful bond with similar eyes and heart.

Bless you, My friend, for loving your son with all your heart
and all your mind and all your soul.

You have given him a gift that NONE will ever surpass.
You have made it possible for him to love without reservation
and with utmost confidence.

You have given him a foundation upon which
he can build a magnificent life inside and out. ????????????????????????

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