Our world appears to be focusing on going crazy: violence of all kinds is running rampant from all sides to all sides— physical, emotional, mental, (never underestimate the power of your words or your tone of voice as it reflects your inner state). 

It saddens me.  If I let myself get caught in this web, I feel a) angry b) feel despairing c) helpless d) all of the above.

How do I stop this mess?

One of MY greatest reasons to do yoga is to stay out of the fray, to cultivate sovereignty so that I don’t engage in or perpetuate the craziness but instead, live from my heart, centered, loving and as Joseph Campbell wrote: 

“I cannot cure the world of sorrows, but I can choose to live in joy.”

I aspire each day to be a source–by example–of inspiration to others to choose to live in joy so that they in their turn and by their example inspire others.  I set the intention each morning of staying centered, of listening fully without preparing my response (because when I’m preparing my response, I’m not listening).

We know (although we don’t always act on it) that children learn from what we DO far more than what we SAY.  My Dad used this knowledge in his attempts to draw our attention by saying “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Truth is, we learn by, are inspired to imitate, what we see others doing.  No matter our age.

As adults, we choose (consciously or subconsciously) whom we wish to emulate.

Rudyard Kipling, in his great poem, wrote: “…If you can keep your head when all about are losing theirs and blaming it on you…”

So it is here that I place my attention.

I pray, Let me be the peace that we need in this world.  

I invite YOU to practice leading by your most loving, positive example.

We are human.  There is no perfect solution, no perfect action, no perfect being.  But we can commit to, intend to, and PRACTICE our intention of living to our highest self.

I invite you to consider and practice Mother Teresa’s words: “When I judge people, I have no room left to love them.”

And know that your efforts always count.

Because YOU always count.




p.s.  What do YOU do to keep yourself centered?  I’d love to hear. Please write your comment below!