To Plan Or Not To Plan

I like to wander….but not always and not always aimlessly.

I’m sitting here, wondering how much control I should take
of THIS situation.

Inertia seems to have set in.
We each sit, lost in our thoughts or activities—
reading, texting, writing—

when we HAD agreed (yesterday)
to be up and about by 9 a.m..

It’s now 9:44.
And we haven’t moved
toward readying ourselves for the day.

This is our last day with Andrew
before he begins his freshman year at college,
8 hours’ drive from home,
and we’d all like it to be rich…
and relaxed.

We are—all of us—
a jumble of emotions.

(An aside: Have you seen the movie Inside Out?
It’s a great personification of feelings by Pixar!
I highly recommend it. We’re buying it on DVD when
it’s available.)

We’re excited. We’re happy.
We’re scared. We’re sad.
We’re thrilled. We’re nervous.
We’re…all of the above, all at once.

Our mind/bodies are on fire with feelings.


to plan or not to plan?

It’s good to set intentions.
It’s also good to acknowledge what comes.

It’s good to plan.
It’s also good to roll with the river.

Let’s let today happen.
We have an outline.
Let’s let life and the pace of our emotions
lead us along the path today
as we check back in with that outline from time to time.

We KNOW we have to be on campus at 5.
And Andrew’s new adventure will take one more step forward.

The rest of the day?

Let’s just love.

All that you do? Do it with love.

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