Velvet Darkness

I once had a beautiful velvet gown, a suit really, with a short fitted jacket and a wide skirt.  It was a deep, deep almost-black forest green color.  I wore it first to my baby brother’s wedding and then for many occasions after that.

When I put it on, I felt….

Regal.  I felt beautiful, at ease, expansive, exotic even.  Sovereign.  Whole.  At one with myself.  Confident.  

Such was the power of its soft, deep darkness.

Today and tomorrow (March 4 and 5), the Dark Moon beckons us into ITS soft, deep darkness.

Tis the period before the New Moon,

a time when we can bask in our deep-seated wisdom, our beauty, our reflection.

So even though today is Monday and my Tuesday’s GraceNotes are due tomorrow, this is a too-good-to-pass-up moment.

I leave it to my Moonie and Astrology-savvy friends to explain where the skies are headed with THIS New Moon.

What I do know is this:

Each Dark Moon is an opportunity for profound care of yourself.

Each Dark Moon is an occasion to make time to reflect on you, where you’ve been, what no longer serves you, what you’d like to let go of, what you desire for this coming month and beyond.

The New Moon is a time to set your intentions for those desires.

But let us PAUSE in this Darkness, the soft velvety beauty inside.

Let’s settle here for a moment to look lovingly at the deepest parts of ourself that we tend to lose sight of in our day to day living.

Let’s pause… to feel our worthiness of all that we desire—love, peace, joy, success as we define it…

Yes, you are worthy.

So this evening and tomorrow, take extra-special care of you, your one and precious self.

Light candles in your bathroom and draw a bath of water at the temperature you most enjoy.  Put essential oil of lavender in the water along with epsom salt (Be generous!).  

Luxuriate for as long as you’d like.

And while you’re there, give yourself some time to reflect:

What would I like to let go of right now?

What no longer serves me?

What do I not love that I’m doing?

What would I like to be differently, do differently, have differently?

Remember, please, that you’re being kind and gentle with yourself.

There is no blaming, shaming, second-guessing or self-flagellating of any nature.

You don’t have to DO ANYTHING about or with these thoughts.

You simply want to be aware of them and your feelings about them.

And then, as the salt and the water and the candlelight draw these thoughts away from you;

When your reflections seem to have passed,

Sit. In. Stillness.

Sit in peace and quiet and warmth and candlelight.

Sit in your soul.

When you’re ready (and only YOU determine when you’re ready), leave the tub, dry yourself, put a toasty robe or pjs on and write….

Write all that comes to you.

Don’t edit.

Don’t reconsider.

Don’t judge.

Just write. 

And see what spills out onto the page.  

It may surprise you.  It may not.

Just let it be.

Let YOU be.

And if it feels right, you may want to set and write an intention or two of what you’d like to bring to your life in THIS New Moon.

And remember three (3) things:

1.  All that you do, do it with joy, do it with love.

2.  It all counts.

3.  You are worthy.

Blessings Always,