We do the best we know how….

All too often, we judge ourselves–and others–
by impossible, ridiculous standards.

What we forget, in all our judging,
is that we’re human.

We forget that we trip over our feet and our words
and our past and our dreams.

We forget that, as children,
we sought to please the adults in our life
and sometimes, those adults hadn’t gotten over or past
their own childhood desires and needs.

What we need to remember is this:


The best changes
from moment to moment
and situation to situation.

But it is, indeed, the best we know how.

Isn’t it time to put the scissors back in our pockets
to use for constructive, creative things
rather than cutting up hearts and souls?

Isn’t it time to help each other feel better
about ourselves;
to, as Mother Teresa said, “leave each person I meet feeling better?”

Isn’t it time to let it be a GOOD thing
that we all do the best we know how?

All that you do?
Do it with love.

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