What do you really want?

My teacher Gabriel Halpern regularly encouraged us to ask for what we want.
I’m sure he said it multiple times before I finally heard it,
and when I did, my first reaction was,
“What if I don’t know what I really want?”

Do YOU know what you really want?

I really want my kids to have loving, fun, happy lives;
for them to bring their loving selves into this world and make
a difference.
I really want them to have loving, kind, fun relationships–
with themselves, with each other, with others.

I really want people to communicate with each other
and to look past their own immediate needs and noses
to the needs and noses of others.

I really want someone to clean my house.

And right now, what I really want
is to finish and submit my book proposal by December 18.

Of this year.

I am easily distracted…
by myriad wonderful people and things—
my kids, my husband, our business, my teaching,

Yes. You know I’m either procrastinating or processing
if I’m cleaning.

I’ve always been putting something or someone else first.

I do have things I must do during this time frame.
I also have things I could say no to.
And I need to do that for the next 18 days.

I’m hibernating.
I’m saying no to invitations. Most.
I’m asking for help with the dishes. Mostly.

What AM I doing?
I continue to meditate and walk in the woods
because that frees my mind, body, spirit to write.
I continue to do yoga for the same reason,
but my time is shorter.

I am devoted to this work.
I am dedicated to finishing what I started.
I am determined to share it with you.

I ask for your thoughts, prayers, and well wishes
and you’re always in mine.

If you don’t hear from me,
it’s because I’m honoring my devotion
and putting all my mind/body/spirit effort
into this book.

It’s worth it.
I’m worth it.

You’re worth it!

Blessings Always,


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