What if…?

Do you worry about all the bad things that might happen?
when you’re driving to the airport?
when you’re studying for an exam?
when you’re planning an event?
when your kids are driving?
when your kids are playing?
when your partner is away?

Why do we do this to ourselves?

It has been written over and over again
that the Universe gives us what we repeatedly ask for.

In our unconsciousness,
that is, in our worry,
do we understand that we’re asking the Universe to
give us those BAD things that we don’t mean to ask for,
but by virtue of repeatedly thinking about them (worrying),
we ask for them?

My Dad always said,
“Don’t worry about what which you cannot control.”

Do you say (like I so many of us often do),
“I’m a worrier. I can’t do anything about that?”

You’re worthy of the effort it takes —
and it DOES take effort —
to learn to shift your gaze AWAY from the worry
and toward the GOOD things that could just as easily happen
as the bad, the hurtful, the scary…

You’re worth the work.

Because what IF you did that time after time…
after time throughout your lifetime?

What if?


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