Words of encouragement to help you find your joy and inspiration in life. It all counts.



My Background

I've been teaching for 40 years--French, Italian, ESL, Methods of Teaching, & Linguistics, and for the last 20 of those 40, I've been teaching  yoga, Ayurveda, and meditation.  I'm a Mom, an author, and I'm here with words of encouragement to help you find your greatest ease, peace, and joy in life.

Life.  And all in life.

Sharing my Passions

Ayurveda. Yoga. Meditation. EveryDay Ways to Relieve Stress--Yours and Your Kids.  EveryDay Prayers.  Life.


Paula Plus

 I have courses and CDs and books--ohmy!--to soothe and inspire you. Originals. And others.