Let Peace Begin With Me

Margaret Mead, renowned anthropologist, wrote, “What people say, what people do and what people say they do are often very different things.”

My Dad, in his keen self-awareness used to tell us, “Do as I say and not as I do.”

Eknath Easwaren wrote a book that he titled, “Your Life Is Your Message.”

Children are amazing observers […]

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As the sun illuminates the moon and the stars, so let us illuminate one another.


~ Anonymous.

We are here to take care of each other. To do so, we must first take care of ourself.

~Thich Nhat Han.

Do you have the patience to wait…until the mud settles and the water is clear, until the right action occurs […]

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Following my own advice

I believe you know this feeling.

Let me know if I’m on target or not:

My to-do list just got longer as I realize that I want and need to buy a welcome gift for a baby born over a month ago.  I’ve been meaning to….and I keep forgetting;

I added a responsibility to my already-full schedule because […]

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The Art of Doing Nothing

The Art of Doing Nothing

Each morning, well…MOST mornings…I sit and write my intentions for the day:  

I intend to feel; I intend and get to do; I intend to let God, the Universe,the Angels, Life take care of….

It is remarkably helpful in keeping me anchored in each moment. I’m able, throughout my day, to pull myself […]

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Each time

Each time…

Today is World Kindness Day.

No act of kindness is too small.  It all counts.

Each time we gaze INTO another’s eyes;

Each time we smile at another person;

Each time we give a sincere compliment about ANYthing—a brilliant word choice, a lovely pin, a terrific parking job, an awesome idea;

Each time, we listen with our full attention, NOT […]

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EveryDay Ways® To Turn Your Day From ARRRRGH to AHHHHH

As we head into one of the more stress filled times of our year, I thought I’d share with you a list of things that I prepared as a presentation for teachers, park administrators, parents to be used for themselves and with their children.

I’m very aware that we absolutely do not need yet another list […]

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The practice

Our world appears to be focusing on going crazy: violence of all kinds is running rampant from all sides to all sides— physical, emotional, mental, (never underestimate the power of your words or your tone of voice as it reflects your inner state). 

It saddens me.  If I let myself get caught in this web, I […]

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She’s baaaaaaaack!

Holy Cow!

Life does throw curves, doesn’t it?

And we always end where we need to be, were meant to be, where we are.

We end up where we are. LOL

So….I’m renewing my relationship with my blog.  I hope you’ll come along for the ride.  It seems to get wilder as I get older.  I thought it was […]

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Here and Now

Does this make sense to you?
The reason we do something when it’s easy
is so that when something hard comes along,
what we did when it was easy makes this hard thing easier.

Breathing deeply.
Meditating daily.
Practicing here and now.

I practice each of these things.
I’m not perfect: Daily meditation isn’t always daily.
And I find myself holding my […]

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Grateful For All And Every

Grateful–for All and Every

When I received my friend’s invitation
to savor these last few days of peace
before we head into 4 years of fear,
my first reaction was,

“We get what we expect.”

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to look around and beyond
the fear
so that we could see and receive grace
in our fear?

Since we’re all afraid of […]

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